Nothing is more American than great barbecue.

Barbecue is great with family and friends, for holidays and special occasions, and especially the ritual of watching our favorite sports teams play every week. It's fun to make during the summer in our backyards, and helps warm our insides in the dead of winter.

Despite BBQ being awesome, most of us hesitate to venture beyond burgers and dogs, because the real deal stuff (ribs and brisket) takes hours, special equipment, and a little bit of know how from a tenured pit master.

Urban Smokehouse is tired of having people settle nationwide because they don't have the time, backyard, smoker, knowledge or any other excuse and has developed the solution.

Cook it the right way, vacuum seal it, and ship it on ice. This means you can have those iconic dishes prepared the long and hard way, but finished the easy way in your home. The love and care of slow cooked and smoked foods is preserved, but the time burden is reduced from hours to minutes, and the equipment required because quite literally whatever you have (oven, air fryer, grill, microwave, etc).

What's born is a no excuse, great BBQ world. You can now have ribs, brisket and more every week on the grill, or in your oven, in a timeframe that is considered convenient instead of a burden.

"We want to make multi-hour smoked meats accessible for amateurs.Sharing the classic American barbeque experience to every kitchen." - Andrew, founder of Urban Smokehouse

"We want to make multi-hour smoked meats accessible for amateurs. Sharing the classic American barbeque experience to every kitchen." - Andrew, founder of Urban Smokehouse

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Founder of Urban Smokehouse


I spent 10 years in "Corporate America" before finally saying "this sucks" and traded my suit for an apron.

During high school, I was the President of the Grilling Society. In college, I founded the second collegiate competitive eating club in the country, The Fat Cats, and hosted an annual pig roast for the entire school.

My entire life has been very close to food. For my mother, it was a passion and she was an avid home cook. For my father, it was a profession and he is a supplier and contract manufacturer for grocery stores and restaurants.

I am the guy who orders for the table at restaurants, cooks for friends and family weekly, and when traveling knows where and what he wants to eat in advance. Simply put I love food, I have been around it intimately my whole life and now being able to call it not only my passion, but also my job is awesome. I look forward to serving you the best ribs, and soon to be many more dishes of your life. Join me on the Urban Smokehouse journey!

The Urban Smokehouse


We at Urban Smokehouse believe deeply in quality and authenticity. From the places we source ingredients, to the way we treat our employees and customers. We are all in this together, and spirit of Urban Smokehouse is the spirit of barbecue. COMMUNITY.