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UPDATE: Due to viral demand after making waves in popular food circles, Urban Smokehouse's Viral 15 Minute Pork Baby Back Ribs are sold out across partner retail outlets nationwide.
However, they might still be available here on their official website>>

These Viral 15 Minute BBQ Ribs Are Quickly Becoming Every American's BBQ Secret - And Harder & Harder to Get

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Thursday, December 07, 2023


You’ve likely seen friends and influencers raving about perfectly smoked ribs they made in just 15 minutes. However, with most pre-cooked ribs, you're limited to a taste that's, well, subpar.

Even the top-rated BBQ joints can't offer the convenience of these ribs without compromising the authenticity of the taste.

But that's where it changes... The modern, convenient, and undeniably delicious Urban Smokehouse ribs are so revolutionary that they captured nationwide attention, making them a sensation in BBQ circles.

And ever since, Urban Smokehouse hasn't been able to keep their Viral 15 Minute BBQ Ribs in stock…

Introducing... Urban Smokehouse's Viral 15 Minute BBQ Ribs!

Inspired by a LONG family cookout, Andrew Buehler envisioned baby back ribs that don’t demand hours but still deliver authentic taste.

No TV pitch or celebrity ad needed - the sheer flavor and convenience made these ribs an online sensation.

These ribs are the BBQ game-changer: authentic smoky taste, ready in just 15 minutes, regardless of your preferred cooking method.

Pre-slow-cooked to perfection, vacuum-sealed for freshness, and paired with a homemade BBQ sauce, they encapsulate convenience without compromising flavor.

Impromptu gatherings or game nights, with Urban Smokehouse, top-notch BBQ is just a quick cook away.

Among BBQ choices, it's clear: Urban Smokehouse is the unbeatable combo of speed, taste, and passion.

What Makes Urban Smokehouse's 15 Minute BBQ Ribs The #1 Choice for BBQ Ribs in America?

Let's break it down:

Urban Smokehouse Ribs slide onto your grill or into your oven and emerge as the centerpiece of your feast in just 15 minutes.

Really it's the convenience: you can have these pre-cooked, premium quality ribs delivered right to your door.

Imagine... firing up your grill and having perfectly slow-cooked ribs ready in just 15 minutes, without the hours-long wait.

Imagine... hosting game day and presenting a platter of these mouth-watering ribs to your buddies, without breaking a sweat in the kitchen.

Imagine... surprising your loved ones with an impromptu BBQ feast, knowing you've got the best ribs in town on your side.

Unlike other ribs, Urban Smokehouse ensures theirs are gluten-free, non-GMO, and allergen-free, catering to almost every dietary need.

Urban Smokehouse allows you to save time & still enjoy premium quality BBQ.

These ribs come vacuum-sealed, maintaining freshness and quality, and paired with a homemade sweet & tangy BBQ sauce that elevates the flavor to the next level.

Oh, and did we mention its hassle-free preparation? Absolutely! There’s no tedious marinating or prolonged cooking. These ribs are your quick-fix for any BBQ cravings, whether it's on the grill, oven, microwave, or air fryer.

How Do You Prepare These Ribs?

Urban Smokehouse ribs were crafted for simplicity, unparalleled flavor, and that perfect BBQ experience in no time...

Step 1: Order your Urban Smokehouse ribs directly from their website here

Step 2: When your ribs arrive, place them in the fridge if you plan to enjoy ASAP or pop them in the freezer for a future BBQ.

Step 3: Ready to eat? Remember to thaw your frozen ribs or let the fridge-chilled ones reach room temperature for the best BBQ experience.

Step 4: Open up the sealed package & place ribs & sauce onto aluminum foil for the grill or plate for the microwave.

Step 5: Choose your cooking stage – grill, oven, air fryer, or microwave – and get ready for the delicious transformation.

Step 6: Follow the simple instructions for to your cooking method, ensuring your ribs achieve that perfect tenderness.

Step 7: Once the recommend cooking time is up, take them out and plate up your ribs as the aroma of delicious BBQ fills the room.

Step 8: Set the table, add your favorite sides & let your family & friends know it's time to feast! Enjoy!

With Urban Smokehouse, you're not just firing up a meal, you're igniting a rib revolution. Dive in and enjoy!

Where’s The Best Place To Eat These Ribs?

Urban Smokehouse Ribs are perfect for...

✅ Backyard BBQs: Where neighbors become best friends over smoky delights.

✅ Tailgate Parties: Elevate your game day with unmatched flavor.

✅ Family Reunions: Bond over ribs, memories, and laughter.

✅ Beach Picnics: Sun, sand, and ribs – a trio that can't be beaten.

✅ Camping Trips: Starry nights, campfires, and the aroma of BBQ ribs.

✅ Dinner Dates: Impress with the best – without the stress.

✅ Weekend Brunch: Who said ribs are only for dinner?

✅ Movie Nights: Forget popcorn; ribs are the new flick snack.

✅ Birthday Bashes: Celebrate another year with mouth-watering goodness.

✅ Gourmet Gatherings: Show off your taste in the finest BBQ.

✅ Pool Parties: Dive into summer with a plateful of BBQ bliss.

✅ Office Potlucks: Be the talk of the breakroom with these ribs.

✅ At the Park: Bask in nature with the quintessential BBQ treat.

✅ Rooftop Lounges: Urban vibes meet rustic flavors.

✅ Holiday Feasts: Break traditions; introduce a rib revolution.

✅ On Your Balcony: Enjoy city views with a side of BBQ excellence.

✅ Game Nights: Roll the dice, savor the ribs.

✅ Indulge wherever you are, with the rich and smoky flavors of Urban Smokehouse.

Where Can I Get These Pork Baby Back Ribs?

Listen, the only way to explain why these ribs aren’t available in any store is that they've gone viral.

Since the "Home Dining" and "Foodie" craze has ramped up in the past couple of years, everyone and their neighbor is craving authentic smokehouse flavors that transport you straight to a classic BBQ joint.

The Urban Smokehouse ribs sold out immediately in stores & pop-ups nationwide.

However, you may still be able to grab your Urban Smokehouse ribs with an EXCLUSIVE $25 OFF discount through this page you’re on right now, and here’s how:

Step 1: Click here to claim your $25 OFF discount (before it’s gone for good)!

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Step 3: Once you place your order on this page right here and receive your Urban Smokehouse ribs with fast shipping... get ready for the most mouth-watering, finger-licking BBQ experience of your life!

**ATTENTION: Limited Inventory! **
Only 36 Half Slabs of Ribs Per Household!

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What Are People Saying About Urban Smokehouse Ribs?

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Urban Smokehouse BBQ Ribs with a $25 OFF discount is only available on this page at this time and is NOT available in stores.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 124 reviews
Diane Nieuwsma

My ribs arrived in perfect condition still frozen.
They were quick and easy to fix.
Definitely yummy.
Will definitely buy them again


This was our second order and was just as delicious as the first !! We will be ordering more soon !!

Gene S.
Great Ribs

I just tried my first half rack of the BBQ ribs. So very good, and easy to prepare! Will definitely order again

Just like the ribs we made back in my old Kentucky home.

This sauce tastes just like the sauce my parents used to make from scratch when I was a child back in Kentucky. I am almost 85 years old and I never thought that I would ever taste anything as good as that sauce, and surprise! I can't believe I found it online with your company. The ribs are outstanding too, and now I can have restaurant quality ribs anytime I want them because they are in my freezer. I can't wait to try your brisket now that I have tasted your ribs, but I have to make some room in my freezer. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Victoria Dodson
Amazing ribs!!!

These were as good as any ribs we’ve ever had! Sauce was delicious and the meat just fell off the bones. We cooked them in the oven this time; next time we’ll try on the grill! I already reordered more!!!

Charles Mitchell
How 'Bout Those Ribs?

These ribs are fantastic!! Second time I've ordered a mess of them and everything is perfect about them. They arrived frozen, boxed two by two, and when I take one out of the freezer and thaw it, then stick it in the oven, it's ready to go in 15-20 minutes!! What's not to like? Delicious! Keep up the great work guys!!

Delicious and Quick

First order and I was not disappointed. Meat was fall off the bone tender and the BBQ sauce was delicious. Quick to prepare too. Will definitely order again.

Dave Carter
the best

was easy to order arrived on time some of the best ribs i have had

Ray Pittman
I love these ribs

Best ribs I have ever eaten.Tasty and filling.
Wish they were a little cheaper.

Lynn Sisson